JLE has a good access to the global parts all around the world, as it is located very near to airport situated is at 3 km & Sea port at 25 km which is feasible for the logistics to despatch & delivery the product on time.

Telecommunications system is in place with effective coordination with in the company’s staff and with suppliers & logistics through planned processes and systems such as broadband connectivity.


The hazardous waste management,waste water management solid –wastetreatment and disposal is handled with at most care as it is linked with the Central effluent treatment plant.

JLE has upgraded the production technology by way of installing state‐of‐the‐art machinery at the shop floor, and modernization of production facilities to the world class standards to increase the production capacities & by providing employment opportunity t to peoples, mostly from the weaker sections of the society comprising (30‐40% women)which are vital to their economic development.

The present production capacity of Finished leather is 5,00,000 Sqft per Month


We have full-fledged Research and development team to develop new technology method as well as to develop new type of Finished Leathers.

And also JLE has established our own Restricted Substances Policythat mandates compliance with the laws, and regulations that restrict the type and concentration of potentially hazardous substances in products & Compliance with the Restricted Substances Policy by our business partners.

Therefore JLE will work with the suppliers that can provide materials that are free from or within, permissible levels of restricted substance.


Jahan Leather Exports has been Recognised by the following Authorities,

 Council for Leather Exports (CLE)
 Export House
 Ministry of External Affairs (MEABS 32896)
 Chamber of Commerce
 Member of Joint Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
 Member of Small Scale Industries Unit (SSI)
 Member of Indian Leather Industry Foundation (ILIFO)
 LWG Proposed